Journal of Research in Education, Vol. 22, Num. 2

Journal of Research in Education
Volume 22, Number 2
Fall 2012
An International Journal Published
By the Eastern Educational Research Association

Table of Contents

Does Athletic Success Come at the Expense of Academic Success?
Daniel H. Bowen & Jay P. Green (Show/Hide Abstract)

Powerful Words and Pens: Developing Critical Stance with Adolescent Literacy in Pre-service Teacher Education
Lina B. Soares (Show/Hide Abstract)

Social Stories™ for Children with Autism: A Review of the Literature
Jessica L. Bucholz (Show/Hide Abstract)

Teacher Leaders Negotiating Equity-Centered Change: Empowerment and Development through Action Research
Jennifer Jacobs (Show/Hide Abstract)

Chinese College Students’ Self Regulated Learning Strategies and Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Learning English as a Foreign Language
Chuang Wang, Jiyue Hu, Guoying Zhang, & Yan Chang (Show/Hide Abstract)

Examining the Relationships Among Classroom Goal Structure, Achievement Goal Orientation, Motivation and Self-regulated Learning for Ethnically Diverse Learners
David Shannon, Jill Salisbury-Glennon, & Melanie Shores (Show/Hide Abstract)

The complexities of teaching prime decomposition and multiplicative structure with tools to preservice elementary teachers
Terri L. Kurz & Jorge Garcia (Show/Hide Abstract)